Works with All EAS

Reliable Security Tags

Able to be placed on the inside or the outside of products

Retail security tags are designed to set off an alarm at the point of the store's exit, detecting a likely theft. The field of monitoring is provided by a security system which gives off a frequency that 'looks' for the tags. This gives the system an opportunity to detect any tags before they are taken out of the store.

The tags are able to be detached or deactivated by specialist tools at their point of purchase, so to ensure that any genuine customers aren't placed in any potentially embarrassing situations as they leave the store. Able to be used on almost any type of product imaginable, whether it's clothing, drinks or DVDs, their wide range of use by retailers should show how effective they are.

Customized Lanyards

  • LED light and speaker provide strong visual deterrent
  • 3 Alarm Technology provides maximum security
  • Self-orienting bayonet for easy attaching and removing

Fashion Alarm Tag

Small, powerful - designed for high-fashion security such as luxury handbags, designer jackets and evening gowns.


  1. Early Detection: The Alarm Tag will alarm when the lanyard is being cut.

  2. EAS Protection: It will activate EAS system if the item is carried outside your store.

  3. Extended Range: The alarm tag itself will alarm when carried outside the store.

If you've never used a tagging system before Nutech National offers a wide and varying ranging of tagging systems that are designed to ensure that your store has the ideal retail security solution for its needs.

The perfect retail security tags to use will depend on the type of products that your store offers.

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